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How To Stick To A Diet Longer Than A Few Weeks

Ever gone from 0 to 100 into a new diet? How'd that work out? Are you still on that diet?

I know I'm guilty of it! I've hopped into a few "game changing" diets that I think are going to get me crazy results. Only to find myself back where I started after just a few weeks.

So why does this happen? Why can't we stick to this new diet for longer than a few weeks or months?

There's two reasons.

1. The diet is NOT sustainable for the long term.

Sure you might get some results in the short term, but what good is it to lose 10 lbs in a month and then put it all back on 2 months later?!

You need more flexibility in your diet.

Allow yourself certain foods that these other diets don't.

That doesn't mean you have to eat these "grey area" foods all the time, but if you get stuck in a situation where it's the only choice, you know that it's your best choice. Instead of it being a full on black-listed food like on other diets.

2. We aren't building any habits.

You may be able to follow a food list for a few weeks, but it's the HABITS that you build that are going to let you keep your results forever!

So, I encourage you to start developing your own diet that works with your lifestyle and that still gets your desired results. One that focuses on not only eating the right foods, but building habits that will allow you to have some flexibility when you need it.

If you need help with this, check out our 4 Week Challenge. We put together a customized nutrition plan that matches your goals and lifestyle, and is one you can stick to forever!

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