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3 "Healthy" Foods You Need To Stop Eating Because They Are Junk

Marketing for food brands now a days has gotten out of control. The people who are hired to market brands are paid an insane amount of money to come up with creative slogans, attractive keywords, and eye-catching labels to make their product stand out.

This is seen all too much in the "health food" industry.

Brands like to use hot keywords that are popular in the moment to make more people think that they are buying healthy foods.

But in reality, it's just junk in a fancy label.

Which is why reading and understanding the nutrition label and ingredients is so important!

Reading the labels are for another post.

For today, here are 3 foods that are considered "healthy" that you need to stop eating now if your goal is to lose weight.

1. Granola Bars & Protein Bars

These things are full of sugar. Natural, added, or fake sugar, it's all in these. That's how they are so desirable to the public!

You might look at the label and think it's a great way to get quick nutrition, but all this is doing is jacking up your overall sugar intake with something that's just like a candy bar.

Even all-natural bars are sweetened with a whole bunch of dates, which are one of the highest sugar containing fruits! One date can have 16g of sugar! And chances are those bars you've been eating have more than 1 date...

Just for reference, a snickers bar has 20g of sugar.

So that so-called healthy protein bar could have way more sugar than a snickers candy bar.

2. Flavored Yogurt

Flavored yogurts are another one of those products that are packed full of sugar. Yogurt is considered healthy because of it's awesome protein/fat content and probiotics. However, any benefits from yogurt is countered by the sugary fruit syrup that's included.

The benefits you get from yogurt are from plain, not sugared up yogurt. Don't let these marketing companies fool you with their products.

One of the worst parts about these sugary products is that most of us eat it for breakfast. Which means you're starting our day with a nice blood sugar spike. Which triggers an insulin response, which can over time, become harmful to the body.

Switch to plan yogurt today!

If you can't do plain yogurt, chop up a couple strawberries yourself and mix them in!

3. Common "Healthy" Salad Dressings

Think about this for a second.

We are pouring sugar on top of our vegetables to be able to eat them.

Yep. That's not made up.

Next time you buy salad dressing, check the ingredients. Chances are you'll find some sugar in there!

And if it's not sugar, it's trans fats or vegetable oil, which have their own negative affects on the body.

Instead of spending your money on these products, consider making your own!

Oil, vinegar, lemon juice, and hot sauce all make awesome dressings for salads.


There are a lot of other "health foods" out there that are junk, and they fill our grocery stores.

It's important for us, the general public, to be aware of what goes into these products.

If we aren't aware then we are trusting the people creating these junk products who are just trying to make a sale.

So be on the lookout next time you enter the grocery store!


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