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Upgrade Your Avocado Toast

Need a new healthy snack or meal idea?

How about avocado toast!

Yes, the same avocado toast that you spend $12 on at a restaurant.

You can easily make it at home. But BETTER.

Here's how.

Avocado toast is packed full of healthy carbs and fats, but has very little protein.

So let's change up the macro ratio!


Adding more protein will take this snack from "it's good, but not great" to the perfect snack or meal.

Adding on foods like eggs, smoked salmon, or even some greek yogurt will give it the protein boost it needs!


Make your avocado toast into a meal! Add greens, cucumber, tomato, BACON, chicken, or other tasty toppings.

Want more recipe ideas? Check out our

4 Week Home Fit Challenge where you'll get healthy recipes every single week, along with awesome workouts!

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