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Working out at home can be boring, ineffective, and tough to stick with. But we're changing that.

Our program will keep you engaged & get results, even through the holidays!

 45 Minute Workouts

✓ Personalized Nutrition Plan (optional)

✓ Accountability From Your Coach & App

Hey- Jeff here, coach at North Bay Strength & Conditioning, and NBSC Online.

2020 has thrown a lot of us off our normal routine.

But I want to help you get on track, and get awesome results at home!

What sets our program apart from all the other online workouts is...

We design our workouts based on what works. Not just random exercises thrown together.

Every week there's new, challenging workouts ready for you.

We want to see each member progress, which is why we setup an app for you to track how you're doing.

We also engage with every person in our community to keep you on track, and get any feedback.


4 Week Workout Plan

Our workouts have helped hundreds of people reach their goals. Now it's your turn!


Choose from either our bootcamp-style workouts, or a fully personalized workout plan.

Nutrition Guide (optional)

You'll get a personalized nutrition guide to follow for the 4 weeks.

It will show you what foods are best, how to portion meals, and tips to build healthier habits.

Our nutrition plan will teach you everything you need to do to get the results you want, but more importantly, how to keep your results!

Your Own Coach

Accountability is the key to results!

You and I will check in regularly to answer questions, track progress, make any modifications, or help you with nutrition.

I am your resource!

Don't wait until after the holidays!

You can still get results through the holidays!

✅You can do the workouts anywhere.

✅Your nutrition guide can be used everyday outside of holidays and holiday parties and still be very effective.

✅Your coach will give you tips to help you stay on track and get results through the holidays.



  • Each workout is 45 minutes long.

  • 5 new workouts each week that you can do anywhere. All you need is a pair of dumbbells, or just your bodyweight!

  • Each workout combines strength training, cardio, and core to get the best results.

  • Every workout is created for all fitness levels, beginner to advanced. I use exercises that can be modified for every fitness level.

  • You have the option to do the workout LIVE with me Monday-Friday, or you can follow along with the recording at any time.

Don't think the bootcamp workouts are right for you?


With this plan you'll get a personalized workout program that's designed specifically for you, your goals, your fitness level, and the equipment that you have available to give you the best workouts.

Track Each Day On The App!
You'll be able to track each day on the app we use.
You can mark what days you worked out, track your body stats, and leave any notes for your coach.



Jeff Newman
Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology
Emphasis: Exercise Fitness Specialist
San Jose State University
NFPT Certified Personal Trainer
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Precision Nutrition Level 1
Hey! I'm Jeff, owner & coach at North Bay Strength & Conditioning.
I've spent the last 10+ years coaching fitness and nutrition both in person and online. I've helped hundreds of people reach their goals, while learning what works best and what doesn't.
I put all of my experience and knowledge into creating the BEST home workouts & nutrition program that gets results without going to the gym.
Now I want to share it with you!



If you go through your 4 weeks, do the workouts, follow your program, and for some reason are not satisfied, we'll refund you completely!

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