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5 Tips to help you keep off the holiday weight this year

Ready or not, the holidays are here.

Parties, dinners, desserts, drinks, etc. It's the season to not look at the scale.

But it doesn't have to be all bad when it comes to being healthy.

Here's 5 tips to help keep off the holiday weight this year!

1. Be the crazy relative who exercises in the morning on holidays.

Normally holidays are an excuse to sleep in, have a couple cookies with your morning coffee, and relax. But those extra calories are what adds up!

Be that "crazy" person who runs the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving, or who does a workout before the big dinner.

Take pride in your healthy lifestyle! When relatives or friends ask why, say that you want to and that you have goals to reach.

2. Eat slow & listen to your body

Refrain from scarfing down your first plate of food to go back for more. Eat slowly, chew your food, and maybe have a conversation with someone at the table.

Listen to your body as your eat. Once you start to feel full, put down the fork and relax for a few minutes. Give your brain time to catch up to your stomach and see if you're full.

3. No seconds on sweets

Again, you might be that crazy person at the holiday table, but this will save you so many extra calories that you really don't need.

You aren't trying to make your cousin sad by only having one slice of pie, just say you're stuffed. Enjoy your serving of dessert and that's it!

If you're really crazy, go for no dessert! ;)

4. Schedule your own workout time each day. Even if it's just 15 minutes.

Whether that means waking up 30 minutes early and getting moving right away, or making sure you're getting in a quick workout/run after work, make sure it's in your schedule.

As soon as you fall off it's going to be 5x harder to start again. So stay consistent.

5. Don't be cliche and put off your goals until the new year.

Remember what you're working for and remind yourself each day.

Everyone and their mother is waiting for the new year to start their fitness journey.

But why wait? It's just going to be that much harder to get started in January.

So start now and reach your goals even sooner!

Overall the holidays are a tough time to keep a healthy routine, but it's definitely do-able. Stay consistent, stay motivated, and have a healthy holiday season!

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