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Breakfast foods that are setting you up for failure

What's your normal breakfast routine?

For me?

2 Eggs. Sometimes 1/2 avocado. 3-4 Strawberries chopped up. 1/2 Banana sliced up.

Sometimes grilled veggies. Sometimes breakfast sausage.

Most of the time Frank's Red Hot Sauce.

That does it for me!

Simple, nutritious & delicious.

So why is breakfast considered the most important meal of the day?

Well, you're either setting you day up for failure or for success with just one meal.

If your breakfast includes...



Flavored & sugary oatmeal

Flavored yogurts

Too much coffee with cream & sugar

Fruit juice

Then I hate to break it to you, but you're setting yourself up for failure for the day.

There is absolutely nothing nutritious with these foods.

All of these options are just sugar, or excess carbs waiting to wreck your gut & spike your blood sugar.

Next time you grab some cereal, check out the nutrition label


see how much sugar is in a serving, and if you're actually just having the one serving! Most of the time we end up pouring 2-3 servings into the bowl.

So what happens when you eat these on a daily basis?

Crash in energy, bloating, stomach cramps, dehydration just to name a few.

But honestly over time people get so used to these symptoms that they think it's normal and don't even realize what these foods are doing!

Over time these symptoms can lead to an increase in body fat, lack of overall energy, and many more problems.

If you're a repeat offender of these breakfast foods, don't worry. Most Americans are. Plus there's ways to fix it!

Try out these breakfast ideas instead:

-Eggs (you can even pre cook them in a cupcake pan to make to-go egg cups

-Steel-cut oatmeal with blueberries. No added sugar

-Plain greek yogurt with a scoop of almond butter & berries

-Black coffee (taste all the natural flavors of coffee!)

-Breakfast smoothie-spinach, berries, whey protein powder, 1/2 banana, water or almond milk

These choices are MUCH MORE nutritious, won't make you crash, and taste great!

If you need help with more nutrition ideas, let's talk.

I can help you get into a regular routine of eating healthy & giving you recipe ideas that taste great.

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