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10 Minute Ab Workout

Core work is the foundation of daily activities, and of most exercises. Especially when it comes to fully body exercises and weight lifting. A strong core can also help with posture, which can also help with low back pain.

The point is...core strength is CRITICAL!

So, here's a quick 10 minute core workout that you can try at home before work, before bed, or of course during your lunch break in your work clothes. The great thing is that you don't need any equipment!

3 Rounds

:30 Each Exercise, :15 Rest In Between Each Exercise

1. Side Plank Scoops Right Side- Keep your Spine straight, and scoop under your body, then go over and repeat. Either keep both feet stacked and legs straight, or bend your bottom knee and put it on the ground. This will make it a little bit easier.

2. Side Plank Scoops Left Side

3. Hollow Rock Hold- Definitely a complicated exercise. Start with your arms and legs extended up, and focus on your lower back. Notice it's pushed against the ground. Now slowly back your arms and legs out, creating more of a U or C shape with your body. If you feel your lower back starting to come off the ground, bring your arms and legs a bit higher. Contract your abs and breathe!

4. Opposite Arm/Leg Situps- Start lying flat on the ground, sit all the way up with your right arm and left leg, meeting in the center of your body. Bring it back down and switch sides. To make it harder, don't let your feet touch the ground the whole time!

Give this one a try and let me know how it goes!

Stay tuned for more workouts!

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