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3 Actions You Can Do This Week To Be Healthier

We all want to be healthier.

However, sometimes we get stuck in a rut where we aren't working out as much as we'd like, and eating foods that we know aren't the best for us.

It's tough to break out of this routine.

But if you've had enough of feeling unhappy with your fitness, nutrition, and health, breaking out of your current routine is the only choice.

Results won't come if you don't change your routine.

Here's 3 actions that you can do THIS WEEK to be healthier.

1. Move more. Move for 10 minutes extra each day this week.

We don't move enough as humans. Most of our days are spent sitting or laying down and we try to counter this by just an hour in the gym. But truth is, even if you do go to the gym, you still need to move more! So spend 10 minutes each day getting in some extra movement.

2. Replace one bad meal with a healthy option.

Eating out seems like it's a regular routine nowadays. Picking up meals that are quick, cheap, and easy are part of peoples schedules.

So let's counter that.

If you know you're going out to eat somewhere, find something on the menu that's a healthier option.

Or, if you know there's one night where you just pickup a pizza or something else that's quick for the family, change it up!

Make the extra effort just once in the week to replace one bad meal with a healthier option.

3. Don't add sugar to your food or drinks all week.

Sugar is in everything. Yet we keep adding it to our foods and drinks to make them more desirable. But this is a huge problem! This can lead to a whole mess of problems. Not just excess weight gain.

So stop using these products this week: -Ketchup, bbq sauce, ranch, and other sauces -Sugary salad dressings -Fruit juices -Sugar and flavored cream in your coffee -Flavored yogurts and oatmeals

If you can cut out just those foods from your diet, you're taking a huge step forward for your body.

Commit to taking these actions this week.

No action = No change.

If you want to change your habits you're going to have to put in the extra effort.

It starts here.

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