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21 DAY


MARCH 4 - 24

Eat clean. Earn points. Get results.
Clean up your diet, feel great, and build good habits along the way!

*This is an online challenge that you can join from anywhere.

How The Challenge Works


We believe in choosing foods that positively impact our body & life. That means eating real foods and eliminating processed foods & added sugars.
Your nutrition guide will show you what foods are allowed on the challengesample recipes, and much more.



Your goal is to earn as many points as possible in the 21 days.


You'll earn points by following the nutrition guide, working out, and completing challenges.

You'll track your points on your scorecard and submit them weekly.


Track your points and your progress through the 21 days.
We're giving out CASH PRIZES for...
Completing weekly challenges.
Earning the most points.
Getting the best results.
There are so many ways to win!

Each Challenger Gets...

✅ Nutrition guide & challenge guidelines
✅ Our favorite challenge approved recipes
✅ Our simple meal cheat sheet
(make a meal with minimal time & ingredients)

✅ Eating out guide
✅ Point tracker & Progress tracker
& much more!


Your workouts can be whatever you want for the challenge. Walking/running, yoga, strength training, classes, etc.

As an added BONUS we're giving you access to our Home Workout program as part of the challenge!

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Our home workout program combines strength training, HIIT, circuit training, core, etc.

Get your workout done any time of day, with whatever equipment you have!

Workouts take 20-45 minutes.

All you need is a pair of dumbbells.

Have more equipment? We'll show you how to incorporate it.

These are full workout videos showing you exactly how to do each exercise.

All you have to do is press play and follow along!


Are you near Petaluma, CA?

We're giving each challenger a FREE WEEK PASS to come workout at our gym during the challenge!

Just let us know you're interested when you claim your spot!



Each week will come with new challenges as a way to earn bonus points, and to develop good habits!

Past challenges have included...

10,000 steps challenge

Daily protein challenge

Recipe challenges

We have new fun and exciting challenges ready to go!



What can you eat during the challenge?
We don't believe in crazy diets that eliminate a bunch of foods.
We believe in focusing on REAL food, and eliminating highly processed foods and added sugars.

natural foods are allowed for the challenge.
Meat, eggs, fish, tofu, vegetables, fruits, dairy, nuts & seeds, whole grains and anything else that's natural.
There are also some foods/sauces that are minimally processed that are accepted as well.

Not Allowed:

Highly processed foods, too much added sugar.

What if I have events during the challenge?
We all have events. There's never a perfect time. Birthdays, dinner dates, etc.
We want to teach you how to balance those events and still get results!

We will give you resources to make the best possible choices at event, but we also don't expect you to be perfect. A couple events where you don't eat clean isn't going to ruin your progress.
What counts as a workout?
Your workout can be whatever you choose. Walking, running, strength training, HIIT, etc.
You can do our workouts or your own.
We'll give you workouts that you can do at home, or we're also give each challenger a week free at the gym in Petaluma, CA. 
What results can I get?
This depends person to person, but we've had challengers lose 10+ lbs!
Realistic weight loss is 1-2 lbs so we always say to set the goal of 5+ lbs.
Other results you can expect is more energy, less boating, less grogginess, and feeling better overall!


We're giving out cash prizes for the most points and best results at the end of the challenge.
But also weekly prizes just for completing challenges!
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Taking on a diet/challenge alone is tough.

Instead, we're here to motivate and support you!

You'll be able to contact your coach anytime, and will be apart of a community with other challengers!


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We're getting started March 4th.

Claim your spot today so we can get you setup!

PRICE: $20

Once you claim your spot a coach will reach out ASAP to get you all your materials to you.

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