This workout should be done at your own pace.

This is at your own risk.

A. 4 Rounds

:25 Tricep Extensions

:25 Pushups

Rest :10

:25 High Knees

:25 Mountain Climbers

Rest :10


B. 1:00 each x4 rounds NO REST!

-Cardio (do your own or follow me)

-Sit ups or crunches

-DB Swing to Press, 30 seconds each side


Move quick and spike your heart rate.

*Try to go all 16 minutes without resting! Keep your heart rate up and stay moving.


C. :20 on :10 off x4 rounds each side

Side Planks

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Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

Be sure to go at your own pace!

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Have a great workout!