Thank you for claiming your 14 day free trial!

I'm Jeff, owner of North Bay Strength & Conditioning, and coach for our online workout program.

Over the next two weeks I'll be sending you all of our new workouts via email. So be sure to look for those Monday-Friday.

I've included a workout below to get you started right away.

Go at your own pace!


Here's your first workout:

Focus: Chest & Shoulders

A. 4 Rounds :30 on :10 off

-Chest press or pushups

-Tricep extensions or dips

-Plank T Rotations

-Flutter Kicks


B. 5 Rounds-Get that heart rate up!

1:00 Run or power walk (or high knees in place)

:30 Thrusters (squats for bodyweight)

1:00 Burpees- get as many as you can!

:30 Pushups

Rest :15


1. Schedule out your workout time.

Each workout is only 40 minutes long so it's not a big time consumer!

2. Take each workout at your own pace.

Press pause if you need extra rest. Scale back the reps. Grab some water. Take it at your own level.


3. Turn on your own music.

I keep my music low for copyright purposes, so turn on some of your own tunes and get to work! Music always makes the workouts better!


4. Let me know how each workout goes.

I'd love any feedback. You can always send me feedback via Facebook messenger, or email me at jeff@northbaysc.com

Have fun & work hard


Our program is much more than just workouts. It's a lifestyle.

Accountability, community, recipes, challenges, and more.

I check in with all of our members regularly via email to make sure you're staying on track, answering any questions, and getting feedback on the workouts.

I also send out some of my own recipes every month to hopefully give you some ideas of what to make.

We also run challenges pretty often. Workout challenges, nutrition challenges, and more. You'll get first priority if you want to join these!


If you're interested in joining our program full time after this trial, just let me know!

Or you can fill out your information below and I'll reach out.


By signing up for these workouts you're acknowledging that you are taking your own risk.

If you don't think you should be working out, talk with a doctor first.