Here's how to make the most of this guide:

1. Download the Clean Eating Cheat Sheet and calculate your estimated daily needs.

2. Make your food choices personalized. The food choices listed here are generic. You may not like any dairy. Or you might not eat tofu. So personalized it to yourself.

3. Start thinking of recipes that fit your needs! Keeping it simple always works best. Instead of trying to create a bunch of fancy recipes, think of different ways to cook chicken. Or different flavors to add to veggies and your protein.

The Most Common Mistakes I See

As I promised, here's some of the more common mistakes that I see with my clients that hold them back from getting results.

Eating too much- You should be aware of how much you're actually taking in. Overeating is a very common problem, especially when eating a higher fat diet like Paleo or Keto.

Eating too little- If you're busy, sometimes we can forget to actually take in calories. And if you're way under your need, this can have serious consequences. You won't recover properly, and your body might even go into a starvation mode where it hangs onto fat instead of burning it. It's fine to put yourself in a caloric deficit, but make sure you're not going too low!

Not eating the right amount of macronutrients- Just because a food is "healthy" doesn't mean it's the best thing to have for a meal. So many times I have seen others make meals with healthy foods, but it's literally all fat or carbs. Add in the protein!!!

Blowing progress on the weekends- All about habits! Having a few drinks is fine, but having too much to drink, late night meals, poor food choices, and sitting on the couch all day is not. Make sure you're not undoing your progress by staying active and staying consistent.


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