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28 DAY

Eat clean. Earn points. Get results.
Join our 28 day challenge and learn our method for sustainable healthy eating that gets results!

*This is an online challenge that you can join from anywhere.
10 Spots Available

How The Challenge Works


Tell Us About Yourself

What's your current lifestyle? What are your goals? Do you workout?
Your coach will use this information to personalize your guide.
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Get Your Challenge Guide

Your guide will show you everything you need for the challenge. From what foods to eat, to sample recipes, to how to build meals.


Start Earning Points

Real results come from better habits.
(Cravings, portions, weekends, etc.)​
You and your coach will focus on specific habits that will support your lifestyle, because our goal isn't only to help you get results, it's also to show you how to make this your new normal!

Each Challenger Gets...

Your customized nutrition guide/challenge guidelines
Easy & delicious sample recipes
A portioning guide
An eating out guide
Access to our app to track points and progress
Custom calories & macros (if you want to track)
Bonus videos to help with your nutrition
Set Goals & Earn Points
We don't expect you to be perfect. That's why we use weekly goals.

We use a point system to help balance your lifestyle, make it fun, and to challenge yourself!

You'll earn points by eating clean and working out. (it's ok if you don't workout)

You'll get a customized point goal to reach every week. This is how we BALANCE your lifestyle and make it realistic!

Work dinners, family meals, weekend get togethers, eating out, eating with kids, etc.
We'll help you balance these events while still getting results!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Most people don't reach their goals because they don't have any accountability. I'm here to change that. 

You and I will check in regularly to track progress, keep you motivated, and to stay on track.


Between running a small business, being a husband, and a new dad, life is busy.


I don't have the time or energy to commit to long hours in the gym or restrictive diets.

So I took what I've learned works in the 12+ years of being in the fitness & nutrition industry and created a program where I can consistently eat healthy without being too strict, feel great, and get the results I want.


Now I'm teaching others this process!



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"Ended up losing 7 pounds this month, bringing me to a 18.5 pound loss total over the last few. Cemented a lot of good habits, and have expanded my recipes and food that I enjoy cooking regularly. Physically I can feel and see the difference, and many people have noticed as well. Thank you!!!"


"Have y'all heard of the hair tie/pregnancy trick? (It's where you use a hair tie to hold your pants together when you can't button them) Well that white thing in my button is a hair tie that I just left in the pants because I could NEVER button them!!! Now they are getting too big!!! Yay for non scale victories!! "

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